Because no one on the outside world is superior to you

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Let me share with you a quote by Epictetus that improved the way I see the world,

I was getting it wrong this whole time

Those who were stronger, more appealing or more knowledgeable, were all people that I put on pedestals, thinking them…

And why you should do something similar

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I wonder whether the answer can be a simple one, yet somewhere in me, I believe it is.

To be honest, I have always written, but when I first learned to write, it wasn’t really for me, it was more for grades and the acknowledgement, so my words were not authentic.

Over the years, this changed. It grew into a venting process, then a personal journal and now, it’s little pieces of art that I share with the world.

I know that I still have much more to learn, but I cannot help but look back and think about the…

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When you look into the eyes of the people around you and feel a mutual respect for one another, it is quite special. There’s no urgency to prove your worth or need to show how capable you are. There’s no hostility or apprehension. There’s a common understanding that allows you to show your human decency for one another without restriction. And any disrespect towards another feels like disrespect towards yourself.

But don’t you find this last part to be quite interesting?

If for no good reason, you choose to disrespect another person…

So, why wait any longer?

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But, why? Some days certainly don’t feel like gifts, yet other days feel like the universe has everything perfectly aligned for you — so, how can every day be a gift? It doesn’t make much sense looking at it from this perspective, but let’s try looking at it like this — your growth, like the one of a seed, does not depend on good or bad days, but rather on the nourishment and value it can draw from them.

So each day holds the potential to grow you in some way — this is…

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I would like to know, if you look beyond the eyes of society — your friends, family and people you randomly meet — can you honestly accept yourself for who you understand yourself to be? Your strengths, your weaknesses, what disappoints you and what makes you proud about yourself, can you live with these? Can you embrace these? Or, have you only ever sought your acceptance from others?

I don’t need those answers from you, but you do

Because your greatest harm lies in your ignorance of your own self. These questions are only there to…

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I am not sure whether you can relate, but long before I knew any better, I often found myself in the middle of a game of some sort. It was me against the people around me — we would influence one another with the good or bad we were feeling at the time and the winner was always the one with the strongest influence. Now, we didn’t know any better so this life we led seemed pretty normal.

But it certainly didn’t feel normal — life always felt like it should be better

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Please understand that I do not mean holding yourself back from being arrogant, immature or impulsive — this is very much necessary, but I mean something a little different. This question points to something much deeper, a truth often hidden behind doubts, fears and worries. This question asks only whether you are holding back from being you.

Not just being you, but doing as well what it means to do you

The words that you speak, the habits you invest your time and attention in, do they come from a genuine conviction that this is who…

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I think about Socrates words quite often because the advice may be ancient, but its simplicity is still relevant today. It provides a certain level of comfort knowing that even though I am a part of a society, I still am an individual, I still am my own person. I am able to look at life through my own eyes and draw my own conclusions. And it’s not me alone, I see this in every person as well.

This helped me understand that we each are our own people

This individuality…

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This is an interesting question, right? It’s difficult to offer a straightforward answer, like when adding two numbers together. No, this is an honest self-assessment, which requires a lot of thought and a lot of feeling. Look at your weaknesses, and I don’t mean the ones that can be outsourced — I mean the ones that hold you back from living life. Do you sometimes feel them to be stronger than your strengths?

If yes, that would be a problem because your weaknesses should never hold such power over you

They may invade your reality…

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I say it is because there is no one solution to a problem. Some solutions may be more efficient or more effective, but that does not take away the fact that there is more than one way to solve a problem. And often, the best solution today, the one that’s most efficient and most effective, may not be the best solution tomorrow. The best solution is temporary, no one knows if it exists.

But if you really commit yourself to solve a problem, you may just find a better solution

René Chunilall

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