Adversity may find you, but you choose what to do with it

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Some decisions are tough, but so are you

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It’s not always easy to make a decision

Just don’t put labels on your observations

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To judge isn’t entirely wrong

Don’t only feel useful when the outside world validates you

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Life doesn’t always feel good, now does it?

Be aware of who you’re becoming as you face the inevitable changes of life

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Change is inevitable — we all know this

Burn your excuses and become your greatness

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Some of the greatest stories come from those who achieve seemingly impossible things

Be more than what everyone thinks you can be

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Should we ever stop striving for improvement?

Stop the self-pity and take responsibility for yourself

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How often do you find yourself in the middle of a bad day?

It’s as simple as choosing to be better every day

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Be strong, be resilient and most importantly, never lose hope.

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We all have dreams

René Chunilall

Sharing the lessons I learn on my journey towards self-mastery | Check out my podcast on Spotify:

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