Be strong, be resilient and most importantly, never lose hope.

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We all have dreams

You can’t control being tempted, but you can control what you do with your temptations

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To be Courageous is admirable

Learn how to trust yourself first before asking the world to trust you

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Your word is your bond — it’s all you have

Don’t let anything or anyone convince you to be unkind, impatient or inconsiderate

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Have you noticed all the little things we often want throughout our days?

Take a step every day towards your success.

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Success is subjective — it’s unique for each of us

Lead yourself from within to face everything without

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I think we all had a taste of the Monkey Mind at some point in our lives

You just have to be responsible with your influence on the world around you

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With great power comes great responsibility

So that I never succumb to life’s Chaos

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I made a promise to myself a few years ago

Do you succumb to the chaos or do you adapt?

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Life is chaos

Let your wins and losses teach you how to be better in the future

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I have always been curious about the point of winning and losing

René Chunilall

Sharing the lessons I learn on my journey towards self-mastery | Check out my podcast on Spotify:

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