You just have to be responsible with your influence on the world around you

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With great power comes great responsibility

So that I never succumb to life’s Chaos

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I made a promise to myself a few years ago

Do you succumb to the chaos or do you adapt?

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Life is chaos

Let your wins and losses teach you how to be better in the future

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I have always been curious about the point of winning and losing

And have you considered what success means to you?

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Accept who you are and live each day earning your respect

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Love is powerful and it shows its importance in its many different forms

Because no one on the outside world is superior to you

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These reasonings have no logical connection, “I am richer than you, therefore I am superior”, “I am more eloquent than you, therefore I am your superior”. The true logical connection is rather this: “I am richer than you, therefore my possessions must exceed yours”, “I am more eloquent than you, therefore my style must surpass yours”.

And why you should do something similar

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Being respected amongst others is quite wonderful, right?

So, why wait any longer?

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Every day is a gift, right?

René Chunilall

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