A Question I Ask Myself Everyday

Are you holding back?

Please understand that I do not mean holding yourself back from being arrogant, immature or impulsive — this is very much necessary, but I mean something a little different. This question points to something much deeper, a truth often hidden behind doubts, fears and worries. This question asks only whether you are holding back from being you.

Not just being you, but doing as well what it means to do you

The words that you speak, the habits you invest your time and attention in, do they come from a genuine conviction that this is who you are? Or are you falling back on what others think is best for you? There’s a fine line between the two — the first keeps you centered and makes every day feel purposeful, whilst the second feels fragmented, like you can be for others but don’t know how to be for yourself.

Life will always feel incomplete if you don’t know how to be for yourself

Because you may never see the life you wish to lead, you may never see the potential you have to become someone more. To know what it means to walk our own steps and be guided by our own internal compass is a righteous path we all must follow to avoid the tragedy of being a stranger to ourselves. It’s a responsibility we must own so that we can decide our potential.

For each of us, our souls know the path it wishes to lead

As you live each day, your soul reveals what is for you and what is not for you. If you pay attention, it will help you understand which failures and successes are helping you make progress and which ones are holding you back. You will feel what brings value to your life and what doesn’t. And you will experience all of this every day because you are the only one who can bring life to your potential.

So be strong when you decide what you commit yourself to everyday

Will you commit to a path that devalues you or one that makes you feel valuable? Are you willing to accept and work with the things that are outside your control to help you become a better person? Are you willing to put in the extra effort even when you feel you can’t? Ask yourself these questions every day. Let them help you prepare for your days so that you can use what you have to become someone more.

As the great Marie Curie once said,

Life is not easy for any of us. But what of that? We must have perseverance and above all confidence in ourselves.”

So do your best to,

Be Aware Of Whether You’re Holding Back

Before you know whether you are holding back, you have to understand what it means for you to hold yourself back. For example, I consider myself holding back whenever I back down from worthy challenges, succumb to my strong emotions and give in to the distractions that do me no good. The worst one for me is being someone who tries to please everyone instead of being my own.

Because there’s nothing worse than being only what others expect you to be

But when you learn what this means for you, embrace it and keep it close with you throughout your days. This awareness will leave you less vulnerable to succumbing to such tragedies because you will be less surprised by them and able to talk yourself through these moments — you will know how to lead yourself out of the darkness.

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

Maintain This Question Every Day

Our habits can build us up or break us down, for they are what we repeatedly do every day. But I have recently noticed that whilst they are the decisions we make for ourselves, their results can only be observed. What these results are, good or bad, is outside our control. All we can control is how we use these observations to better decide our habits going forward.

But I urge you, develop the habit of asking yourself whether you are holding yourself back

Its value lies in keeping you aligned with your path. It will help you understand who you should be and what you should be committing yourself to. It will prepare you for your days and the many opportunities that will find you. It is an active role, yes, but it is very much necessary when your own value as a human being is involved. Commit to this habit and it will keep you well aligned with your journey to becoming more.

Rule your mind or it will rule you. ”– Horace

Explore Your Potential And Become More

In each of us exists something unique and powerful, something waiting for us to decide its fate — it is our potential to be someone more. This potential is kept safe from our circumstances and our environment for it lives inside us. The outside world cannot harm your potential without your permission — they may peek into it, but ultimately, it is yours to decide.

And you decide your potential every day with everything that you commit yourself to

Think about how much more you could be if you invested in mastering virtues, bettering your habits and maintaining a discipline. Imagine the strength this will find you. Think about the path you would pave for others just by going the extra mile in your life. Your potential lies in you, waiting to be explored — so commit to this exploration and discover who it is you were meant to be.

Maybe you are searching among the branches, for what only appears in the roots.” — Rumi

Look, your life is your own. And in truth, what we just went through together is only advice. For anything to change in your life, it is up to you to do something with this advice. I am not with you as you go through each day, neither are your family, your friends, or anyone you hold close to you, but you are. You are there with yourself every day with each passing moment.

So it is up to you to check in and make sure you are not holding yourself back

Go the extra mile, adopt better habits, write down reminders and stick them on your wall if you must, but do whatever it is you need to do. It is your life to explore and it may not make sense now, but it will one day when you look back and see the tough decisions you made along the way. All you have is now, so invest yourself in bringing great value to your life.

I would now like to rephrase my first question,

Are you willing to risk holding yourself back today knowing that it could make you a better person?

The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.” ― Michelangelo

Invest In Your Existence, Kind Reader.



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René Chunilall

René Chunilall


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