You Never Need To Be Anyone Other Than Yourself

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Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” ― Howard Thurman

I remember moments like these in my life all too well. When I decided to partake in some activity that others recognized as noble, there were others who already did great things. There were many people coming along and asking me if I was going to be the next version of that person. I had some people around me saying that they wanted to be exactly like some other successful person, but for me, I could not answer this honestly. If I tried to think about it, there was a part of me that was comparing my current self to another’s successful self. I was not inspired by the work they put in, but rather by the results they got. This was not entirely right, because I was not appreciating their journey. Even if I tried, I could not say that I really wanted to be that person, because I could not go against the part of me that refused to. Instead, I chose to be inspired by them because the only person that I could be on this planet is me. I am living my own life, creating my own legacy. I started telling people that I am not going to be the next version of any person, I could not. I am here to be me and bring meaning to my own name, the meaning that I wish to bring. People are going to judge and come up with their own remarks, but you must keep in mind that you are here living your life to the limits that you create, not those that others create. You may be inspired by them and they are there to help you find strength in moments of weakness. The world has them. The world has me. What the world needs right now, is you. You must find your interests and focus on them regardless of the systematic limits created and imposed by people who seem to have control of your life. Let others inspire you to overcome moments of weakness as you live out your days. This is how we serve one another, but before we serve another, we must first serve ourselves. Dig deep and see that you are nothing more than a shooting star igniting hope wherever you go. Don’t get lost wandering around, let your very presence restore belief in those that need it the most.

Take Time To Yourself And Think!

Switch off all distractions, close your curtains, lock your door, and go to a quiet place so that the only person that you can hear is you. Take a drive somewhere, be alone and enjoy your solitude. If you are at some point in your life where you prefer to not be alone, then you have some things to think about or some perspectives to change. Being alone is not a bad thing. We all have made it seem so much more than it actually is. It simply is a temporary state to yourself where you actually get to pay attention to yourself that isn’t hindered by some distraction that will procrastinate this moment further. Now I know that to some degree, you will have it. In the shower, on the toilet, stuck in traffic, a few moments before you fall asleep, regardless, no matter your life, there will be moments where you will have time to yourself. In these moments is where you must think, reflect and consider your life. All that has happened must be faced. You can’t jump over all walls on your path in life because someday you are going to face a height that seems impossible to scale — but what you do not realize is that those smaller walls were training you to actually break through them, not jump over them. So, you have to go back and break through all those seemingly insignificant walls so that you can build the strength to break through any other wall, regardless of the height. This is the only way to follow your path, by breaking down walls instead of trying to climb over them quickly. It may take time, but at least when you look back, you will see all the limits that you have broken.

Be Inspired By Others

I understand how easy it is to be influenced by others. I felt it and still feel it to some degree today. You try so hard to push through, yet others seem to surpass you quite easily. It can be frustrating and discouraging. It may even be downright soul-crushing at times. You may not know where to find strength in these moments of weakness. But the people that you notice are supposed to be there to serve as inspiration in your moments of weakness. Instead of holding on to the belief that you are jealous and frustrating yourself trying to become some other successful personality — discover who you are whilst being inspired by others who have done the same. You do not need to follow other’s paths, just because they are celebrated. This should not change the noble pursuit that you pursue. What you become is entirely up to you. The world may never celebrate you in your lifetime, but your life may be used to inspire generations ahead. You are your own individual born innocent like a blank sheet of paper. You have to take meaningful lessons from each person that you meet and add them to your book. Others may help you when you get stuck with a metaphor, but you still need to be there, writing your book.

Don’t Be Afraid To Walk Alone

There are going to be many moments that test your will and capabilities. It may test everything that you believe in. You may have to do many things alone, because many people around you, would not see the point in you doing what you’re doing. This is fine, others were never meant to understand. There are so many ways to achieving that which you wish to achieve, that the crazy stuff that you are following through with that no one else understands, may just be the way to surpass your previous limits and the limits created by anyone else. So people may never always share the paths that you follow, choices that you make or things that you believe in, but if you believe it to be righteous and something that you believe in with every fibre of your being, then it is your responsibility to be crazy enough to let go of social norms and follow through with your path. Sometimes we get so caught up in thinking about others and trying to please them by becoming someone that they admire, that we lose the essence of who we are. Don’t be afraid to walk alone at times. Letting go of everything and becoming your own person is always something that is admired — it is something that I admire! Don’t be afraid to be your own person. Before you can be yourself, you have to become yourself.

“As we advance in life it becomes more and more difficult, but in fighting the difficulties the inmost strength of the heart is developed.” ―Vincent van Gogh

Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash



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